Hole 1 : 445 Metres, Par 5 - Hole 10 : 358 Metres, Par 4

The player is faced with imposing fairway bunkers 220 metres from the tee, together with water on the right side of the fairway. Shorter hitters may hit towards the fairway bunkers leaving room to setup for the shot to the green, otherwise play down the centre or left side of the fairway will leave a tough line over the tall trees to a narrow green. Missing to the left and long will result in a very difficult greenside bunker shot. A very good hole to start the course. The positional play on the 10th hole is similar, however, you will be left with a longer shot to the green.

Hole 2 : 376 Metres, Par 4 - Hole 11 : 376 Metres, Par 4

With out of bounds on the left and trees on the right it appears to be a straight forward hole. But depending on the pin position it may require a well placed drive, leaving a mid to long iron second shot. It needs to be accurate as on the right there is a bunker short of the green as well as a mound beside the green and also a bunker on the left side.

Hole 3 : 341 Metres, Par 4 - Hole 12 : 388 Metres, Par 4

A hole of two tales, with over 50 metres difference between the 3rd and 12th, each requires a very different approach. The 3rd tee shot is hitting over water which continues up the right side with a small pond ready to catch a powerful drive going slightly left. The green is protected by bunkers on both sides, a grass swale left, a mound at the front and out of bounds to the right of the green. The out of bounds comes more into play from the 12th when hitting a long iron or small wood into the green.

Hole 4 : 305 Metres, Par 4 - Hole 13 : 305 Metres, Par 4

The shortest par four on the course, but one to catch the unaware. The hole is best played by laying up short of the fairway bunker on the right and water on the left, then playing a short iron to a small green with bunkers left and back.

Hole 5 : 166 Metres, Par 3 - Hole 14 : 134 Metres, Par 3

A tight par three to a green well protected by two bunkers and a grass swale. Combined with water on the right makes for a tough hole from the back tee. The next time around it appears to be a much easier hole.

Hole 6 : 375 Metres, Par 4 - Hole 15 : 441 Metres, Par 5

A challenging par four that requires a well positioned tee shot. It shapes slightly to the right, so a good position on the left side of the fairway will leave a mid-iron shot to the green. The tee shot off the 15th tee is across water to a generous driving area. The longer hitters can easily make it home in two.

Hole 7 : 155 Metres, Par 3 - Hole 16 : 155 Metres, Par 3

A straight forward par three with bunkers on both sides of the green. You have to be aware of the breeze, because when it is out of the west many balls have drifted across the face of the green onto the railway tracks out of bounds.

Hole 8 : 482 Metres, Par 5 - Hole 17 : 482 Metres, Par 5

The signature hole on the course. A tight driving hole, this long par five double dog-leg left, has water lining the complete length of the left side of the fairway and water to the right of the tee shot. From a well positioned shot one can either elect to position for a mid-iron in, by taking most of the water out of play or risking a long water carry to leave a short iron to the green.

Hole 9 : 330 Metres, Par 4 - Hole 18 : 330 Metres, Par 4

A nice finishing hole with out of bounds on the right, the fairway narrows the further you get from the tee. The second shot requires accuracy in both direction and distance, with out of bounds right and behind the green. Depending on the pin position the second shot may have to be taken over one of the three tall gum trees 50 metres short of the green or through the narrow ally up the middle.